From Our Parents

” The teachers are awesome! Able to build a strong connection with the kids, nurturing their talent with patience and passion.”


” My 8 years old girl is attending Art, Violin, Piano and Jazz Dance from Fine Momentum. All the teachers are great, passionate and full of love for children. My girl is always eager to attend all the lessons without fail.”


” Fantastic art class at Fine Momentum, my 5 year old son joined the art class for about half year, he enjoys the drawing lesson with his art teacher, Melly. Not only drawing in a canvas but creativity artworks are also introduced during the lesson. Great work!”


” Fine momentum has been a great platform for my child for learning art . She loves this class and her teacher too. Over the years she has learnt many techniques of painting which she loves to display during her free time . Teacher Melly who is her Art teacher is ever smiling and shows great interest in every child’s learning process. She has built a lively and homely atmosphere for the children to learn and bloom.”


” My child Alex has been learning drums and guitar for nearly a year and a half when it was Magic fiddler ( change of name but still the same great group of people) and he still loves every moment of it. We find the teachers especially teacher John A and Teacher Jonhson especially passionate in imparting their skills, and very loving too! This place is wonderful, we highly recommend fine momentum.”