Our Courses

Junior Music

Music Medley (Ages 3 and above)

Music medley is a program suited for early music learners and prepares them for senior music courses.

Basic music notation
Pitch and Timbre
Music Elements

Senior Music

Instrumental Courses (Ages 4 and above)

When child is ready, he or she will be able to pick an instrument of their interest. Classes can be conducted either by one to one basis or in small groups. Syllabus will be base on exam boards – ABRSM, Trinity or London College of Music depending on your choice.

Instruments: Piano, Drum, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele

Teens & Adults Music

Instrumental Classes – Individual Classes or Group Classes

Pick up your childhood dreams. Piano, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele or Drums.

Recitals, Ensemble performances & Competition

Music is never alone, in Fine Momentum, we emphasizes on learning music together. Our program encompasses ensembles and band sessions that encourages students to play in a group to cultivate the value of team work, co-operation and camaraderie. Our recitals and performances further enhances music learning and serves as a great platform to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Our Teachers

John Aurelius Gregorio | Drum, Guitar & Ukulele

John holds a Bachelor of Music, majoring in percussion and minoring in piano. He is also a seasoned drummer, arranging and composing music as well as studio recordings.

His passion in music makes him a multi-instrumentalist musician. He’s a winner of National Music Competitions for Young Artists in Marimba, Philippines. He also takes part in many renowned and famous orchestra, concert and marching bands. His participation includes Asia Pacific Band Director’s Association in Singapore, one of the delegates of the Philippine Band Association, Malaysia World Band Competition in Kuala Lumpur, and delegate of the Citizen’s Brigade Band of Dasmariñas.

He is currently teaching music to many young and mature musicians who wish to excel in the field.

Jonson Chng Oon Kheng | Drum & Guitar

Jonson discovered the joy in music in 2002, when a teacher handed him a clarinet. Fascinated, he continued exploring, taking part in school choirs, concert bands and jazz bands while also learning drums and percussion. Upon furthering education at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, he continued to learn percussion and music theory with the finest instructors of the University’s Elder Conservatorium of Music. He completed in a degree in Environmental Policy and Management with a Minor in Music Studies in 2011.

Some of his performance highlights include the Malaysian Street Arts Festival and the Penang Island Jazz Festival. He was awarded a High Achiever Teacher award, where his students achieved the highest merits during 2016’s Rock School Examinations.

A lifelong learner, Jonson continues to explore the art of music outside classrooms, spending his pastime in composing, audio production and perfecting the performing arts.

Zhivko Girginov | Piano

Mr. Zhivko Girginov began learning piano at age of 7 and ultimately obtained with distinction his Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Pedagogy and Piano Performance at the Academy of Music and Dance Art Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Drawing inspiration across multiple disciplines, visual arts and even R&D technologies, Mr. Zhivko’s creative headway further developed simultaneously in different realms – music and visual arts, often merging them into an organic entity being a Cinematographer of many music videos and concerts that were nation-wide broadcasted on TV, as well as being a Producer and Director of Photography of several feature movies, and a Journalist / Cameraman at a number of TV stations.

Since his settling down in Singapore in 2009, Mr. Zhivko has been teaching full-time piano and music theory, as well as providing aural training and piano accompaniments to the full range of examination grades and diplomas, for both kids and adults of all ages.

Esther Wing | Piano

Esther was first introduced to the piano at the age of 5 through private piano classes in Australia. Growing up, Esther sang in the choir and played the Pipa in her high school orchestra; these were important musical avenues which cultivated her love for music. She also broadened her musical experience by pursuing the graded ABRSM exams, and Diploma exam which she successfully completed with Distinction. Her goal is to achieve a Master’s Degree in Music and become an excellent piano performer and teacher.

Having personally experienced the joy that music can bring, Esther is passionate about sharing this with others. Through interacting with students from all walks of life, Esther believes that music is a universal language and thus dedicates her time to tailoring her teaching syllabus to each student’s musical goals so that they too can enjoy their musical journey.

Lee Rou Shuen 

Rou Shuen’s music journey begins at age 8. She sings, plays trumpet, piano and violin. She performed piano solo in many concerts and has won first for several competitions. Rou Shuen’s love for music and children lead her into pursuing Diploma in Music Pedagogy in Hungary. She believes that learning music should be done in a fun yet effective way. Rou Shuen is experienced in conducting musicianship classes, where her students learn about theory, aural, singing, rhythm, solfege and solfa hand signs through music games.

When you believe in your students, they will believe in themselves.

This is what Rou Shuen believes in and practices. She is always patient, encouraging and motivating towards her students.

Her friendly and cheerful deposition are well liked by her students and they always look forward to having their lesson with her. 

Jonathan Taylan

Jonathan T. is a professional session drummer, musician, arranger and recording artist who has played in a wide variety style of Music. Specialise in Pop, R&B, blues, hip hop, gospel, Latin and many more. He performed in different countries in Asia, played both in Major Concert, Sessions and Gigs with Boy Katindig, an International Fusion and contemporary Jazz Artist, and Gabriel Hassleback, a Contemporary Jazz Grammy award winner in Canada and RADHA of The VOICE Philippines. He also conducted numerous Drum workshops nationwide in Secular and Apostolic set up (Christian Music).

After graduating from University of Santo Tomas in Manila Philippines, majoring in Jazz studies, Jonathan continued to upgrade himself by attending a 2 years program at Michael Alba Drum School (MADP), a specialised school for Drum studies in the Philippines. 

Armed with 16 years of teaching experience, he is able to bring out the potential in each and every of his students. He has sent numerous students for drum competitions and drum examinations. One of his students was selected to represent Singapore to compete in an international drum competition and was placed 4th.