Fine momentum kpop dance lesson students performing on stage

In love with K-Pop dance and want to learn those energetic and sexy moves? Come join us to learn the hottest K-Pop dance from our passionate dance instructor, Ms Kah Wen. She will provide step by step instructions that even beginners can follow. Our class is energetic, fun and exciting. You will be able to create your very own tiktok videos as you do the dance routines of your favorite korean artists! What are you waiting for? Call us to book your trial lesson now!


KPOP Dance Class

Korean Pop (KPOP) is a fast pace genre of dance that has taken the world by storm. Featuring hugely catchy songs and innovative movements, KPOP has captured the imagination of children, teens and adults alike.

Learn the hottest and latest KPOP dance covers with Fine Momentum. From BTS to Blackpink, Seventeen to ITZY, our KPOP dance classes will have you mirroring your favourite idols’ performances. Pick up moves such as popping, voguing, waacking and windmilling as you grove your way through your favourite hits.


KPOP Routines

Our KPOP Instructors

Meet your KPOP dance class instructors! Passionate, nurturing and highly experienced, our KPOP school teachers are excited to get you started in the world of KPOP.

Fine momentum dance instructor Kah Wen

Kah Wen | Dance Teacher

Kah Wen started dancing at 8 years old and while growing up, her parents supported her passion to pursue this. From Modern and Chinese dances in school CCAs, she also ventured deeply into Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Ballroom dances over the last decade. In recent years, she has trained and performed for many events as a member of Foreign Bodies School of Groove from Nanyang Polytechnic. With Hip Hop as a strong foundation in Kah Wen’s junior year of Foreign Bodies, she was exposed and managed to experience many other genres of street dances such as Waacking, Dancehall, Street Jazz, Popping and Locking, Girl’s Style and many more. Additionally, Kah Wen has always been a huge fan of Kpop songs, MV and idols and thus have inspired her greatly to perform dance covers. Kah Wen competed in competitions both locally and internationally, 2009 ‘wack it out’ in 2019. Kah Wen has also attained an ACTFA certificate of SFDF as well as level 3 waacking course.