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Dancing is fun and enriching. That is what dance lessons are all about at Fine Momentum. Our curriculum for the 3 – 5 years old ballerinas was created to encourage age-appropriate creativity, musicality and physicality. Our fun and passionate teachers are here to help our little ballerinas develop an understanding and appreciation of music and dance while having fun! Tiptoe, Pointy toes….here we go!


Children Ballet Class

Kids ballet classes are hugely popular amongst both parents and their children. Learning ballet from a young age helps children in their mental, emotional and physical development. This makes ballet classes for kids an excellent enrichment activity for your child.

Here at Fine Momentum, we welcome your child to join our enriching children ballet classes. No matter their level of natural talent, we ensure that they have an enjoyable time and take home valuable lessons from every kids ballet class.


Ballet Classes For Children

Our Courses

Fine momentum ballet classes for kids student doing ballet poses


Ballet Classes For Toddlers

Ballet for toddlers is a popular choice for parents looking to enrol their children in their first enrichment activity. We offer dance courses for children ages 3 to 5. Our junior dance program is specially crafted to include both Classical Ballet and Jazz dance techniques. This will allow a smooth transition into our senior dance program where students are given a choice to select the genres they prefer.

Pre-Level 1: (Ages > 3 ) – 60mins
Pre-Level 2: (Ages > 4 ) – 60mins

Fine momentum ballet classes student performing ballet on stage


Kids Ballet Classes

From the age of 5, children can sign up for more in depth kids ballet classes. Our lessons are in line with RAD syllabus and thus ensure a fulfilling time for your children.

Ballet is a graceful and structured dance form that provides the basic foundation for many other genres of dance. At this level, we focus on developing their gross motor skills, musicality, sense of rhythm and expression. Props are incorporated in the lesson to stimulate their imagination and making it fun for your little ones!

Our Children & Toddler Ballet Teachers

Meet your children and toddler ballet class instructors! Passionate, nurturing and highly experienced, our children and toddler ballet school teachers are excited to get your children started in the world of ballet.

Fine momentum instructor beatrice

Beatrice Boey | Ballet Teacher, Fitness Instructor

Beatrice started dancing at the age of 5 and has over 14 years of teaching experience. She has completed her dance training under the Imperial Society of Teaching and Dancing (ISTD) with a Level 4 Diploma in Vocational Graded Examination for Advanced 2 Imperial Classical Ballet and Advanced 1 Modern Theatre.

She has experience teaching both ISTD and RAD ballet from Baby Ballet to Adult Ballet. Adopting a fitness aspect into her skills, she has also taught various Barre Fitness classes and cardio workouts at fitness studios. She has also choreographed performances for various school performances and company events. Beatrice has a huge love for dancing, and an even bigger love for sharing her passion of dance with her students!

Cheyenne | Dance Teacher

Dance Vocational Graded Advanced 1 after she graduate from secondary school. She also explores Chinese Dance and completed Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Grading Examination level 4. In her years at NAFA, she majored in Contemporary dance and Ballet dance. She performed in NAFA’s major productions, working with choreographers such as Filomar Tariao (“Lain” and “Hamon”) and Gillian Tan (“Phantasmagoria of Dream” and “2;1”). She also choreographed 3 pieces titled “Dilemma” for her Creation 2A and “Copy Cat” and “Dilemma II” for her Creation 3A Module in NAFA.

In her years of teaching, she has sent students for competitions such as CSTD, Hong Kong Challenge Cup, Get The Beat, International Ballet Grand Prix and Star of Canaan Dance Online Ballet Competition 2021. She is grateful to be able to share her passion with the young learners.