Fine momentum art class student showcasing his artwork


Direct School Admissions (DSA)

Direct School Admissions (DSA) allows your children to use their talent in art to get a direct admission to a secondary school of their choice. As part of their preparation, students taking our arts classes receive expert help from our arts teachers in creating their portfolio.

Our art teachers ensure that your child’s portfolio showcases observational skills, technical drawing or painting and the ability to communicate their inspiration. These are all important aspects of of ensuring that your child’s DSA projects stand up to competition provided by their peers.


Creating A DSA Art Portfolio

In the weeks and months leading up to your child’s DSA art portfolio submission, our art teachers will go through the following phases with your child:

– Ideation
– Conceptualisation
– Experimentation
– Finalisation

Rest assure that our arts teachers would have spend time training your child in various arts mediums prior to the whole excercise. This ensures that they are not limited by medium and can fully express themselves within the DSA’s requirements.


On-the-spot Tests

In addition to an assessment of your child’s submitted art portfolio, on-the-spot drawing and creative thinking tests are also conducted. To help your child ace these tests, our arts teachers go through common questions and simulate the tests. This ensures that your child can go for the assessments with full confidence.

Our DSA Art Teachers

Meet your child’s DSA art portfolio instructors! Passionate, nurturing and highly experienced, our DSA art preparation teachers are excited to get your child started in the world of art.

Fine momentum instructor Melly

Melly | Art Teacher

Melly Widjaja is an Indonesian artist based in Singapore since 2002. She started drawing since 7 years old and with this passion, she Completed her Bachelor Degree in Arts. Melly is an experience senior teacher in the area of theory and practical arts. In her years of teaching, she has prepared many of her students for performance art and competitions. Many of her students are awarded with prizes in those competitions. With her vast knowledge in arts and experiences, Melly is able to build strong interest and love for arts in children. Beside visual art, she also enjoy making comic and cartoon drawing especially Manga in children environment.