Fine momentum art class for kids students and instructor having fun

Our Courses

Junior Art
  • Exploration Art (Ages >2.5) – 1hr
  • Discovery Art (Ages >4) – 1.5hrs

(Age indicated is for reference only)

Senior Art
  • Imaginative Art (Ages >8) – 1.5hrs
  • Portfolio Art (Ages >10) – 1.5hrs

(Age indicated is for reference only)

Teens & Adults Art

Sketching, oil painting, Acrylic painting and Chinese painting

Our Art Syllabus

We aim to create CREATIVE students. Our art syllabus is unique as we bring awareness to how arts affect our daily life through art projects. We also expose students to mix medium such as clay, metal, paints, paper marche, sculpture, sketching, acrylic etc. Students are to work with different materials and to understand their properties. Students will also be introduce to different artist and their styles of work. With such knowledge, they will be able to build a complete portfolio for direct school admission to secondary schools.

Our Teachers

Fine momentum instructor melly

Melly | Art Teacher

Melly Widjaja is an Indonesian artist based in Singapore since 2002. She started drawing since 7 years old and with this passion, she Completed her Bachelor Degree in Arts. Melly is an experience senior teacher in the area of theory and practical arts. In her years of teaching, she has prepared many of her students for performance art and competitions. Many of her students are awarded with prizes in those competitions. With her vast knowledge in arts and experiences, Melly is able to build strong interest and love for arts in children. Beside visual art, she also enjoy making comic and cartoon drawing especially Manga in children environment.