Fine momentum art class students doing arts and craft

Do you know there is an inner artist in every one of us? Do you know that learning arts help one to be creative, confident, stay focused and develop problem solving skills, which are the key to a successful career? Our art curriculum was designed with the objective of awakening the inner artist in our students and releasing the creativity in them. Through our curriculum, which includes a range of techniques and processes, students will acquire the skills that enable them to express themselves through their artworks using different mediums. Lessons duration ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours under the guidance of our warm and engaging teachers. Call us now and book a trial for your child!


Arts Classes

Art has a vital place in society, serving as the basis for many ideas and culture. Through art, many ideas can be communicated to their fullest potential. This helps each of us to effectively express our ideas and values.

Here at Fine Momentum, we offer art classes in Singapore for all ages across all skill levels. Catering for both casual learners and amateur artists, our art school offers something for everyone. Discover our art programs and meet your art class instructors here.


Arts Lessons

Our Courses

Our puppet show decorations made by Fine Momentum students during art classes

Junior Art

Start your kids’ exploration of the arts with our Junior Art programme. Designed for children ages 3 to 5, our junior programme covers several different mediums. Following the initial exploration and discovery of art, your child will be ready to transit into more expressive stages.

Exploration Art (Ages >2.5) – 1hr

Discovery Art (Ages >4) – 1.5hrs

(Age indicated is for reference only)

Fine momentum art class students showcasing their artworks

Senior Art

Having being introduced to various mediums of art in the Junior Art programme, your child can begin pursuing more advance aspects. In addition, if so inclined, your child can use undertaken art projects for direct school administration (DSA).

Imaginative Art (Ages >8) – 1.5hrs

Portfolio Art (Ages >10) – 1.5hrs

(Age indicated is for reference only)

Fine momentum art class student's artwork

Teens & Adults Art

Teens and adults can join our art classes to pick up or practice various mediums of art. Activities are covered at a suitable pace for your ability level and allow you to express your creativity.


Oil painting

Acrylic painting

Chinese painting

Our Art Lesson Teachers

Meet your art class instructors! Passionate, nurturing and highly experienced, our art lessons teachers are excited to get your you started in the world of art.

Fine momentum instructor Melly

Melly | Art Teacher

Melly Widjaja is an Indonesian artist based in Singapore since 2002. She started drawing since 7 years old and with this passion, she Completed her Bachelor Degree in Arts. Melly is an experience senior teacher in the area of theory and practical arts. In her years of teaching, she has prepared many of her students for performance art and competitions. Many of her students are awarded with prizes in those competitions. With her vast knowledge in arts and experiences, Melly is able to build strong interest and love for arts in children. Beside visual art, she also enjoy making comic and cartoon drawing especially Manga in children environment.