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Chris & Celina Line Dance Jam

@ OneKm

Jointly organised by Magic Fiddler and Chris & Celina Line Dance

Tooth Fairy Club

@ OneKm

Held in collaboration with Unity Denticare Tooth Fairy Club Members and friends.

Holistic at One KM

@ OneKm

A quarterly wholesome learning on Music, Dance & Art and a short performance by our students together with the teachers to build up their confidence and have fun!

Our Art Students!

@ OneKm

Our Art Students of various ages with their masterpieces! We include painting, sketching, craft work, drawing,ceramics and different modes of art media.

Our Dance Students!

@ OneKm

Our Dance classes comprises of music and movements, stretches, flexibility exercises, co-ordination and body balance, postures and positions, simple steps and choreography for children ages 1.5 and above.

Our Music Students!

@ OneKm

We provide Junior and Senior Programs to cater to the different needs and development of children. Be it group or individual instruments class, our students are definitely motivated to come for their lessons!

Fun at FM!

@ OneKm

On top of learning lifelong skills and developing their talent, our students always have lots of fun and is always looking forward to lesson!

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