Our Courses – Music


Junior Music

Music Medley (Ages 3 and above)

Music medley is a program suited for early music learners and prepares them for senior music courses.

Basic music notation
Pitch and Timbre
Music Elements

Senior Music

Instrumental Courses (Ages 4 and above)

When child is ready, he or she will be able to pick an instrument of their interest. Classes can be conducted either by one to one basis or in small groups. Syllabus will be base on exam boards – ABRSM, Trinity or London College of Music depending on your choice.

Instruments: Piano, Drum, Guitar, Violin

Teens & Adults Music

Instrumental Classes – Individual Classes or Group Classes

Pick up your childhood dreams. Piano, Guitar, Violin or Drums.

Recitals, Ensemble performances and Competition
Music is never alone, in Fine Momentum, we emphasizes on learning music together. Our program encompasses ensembles and band sessions that encourages students to play in a group to cultivate the value of team work, co-operation and camaraderie. Our recitals and performances further enhances music learning and serves as a great platform to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

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