Our Courses – Art

Junior Art
  • Exploration Art (Ages >2.5) – 1hr
  • Discovery Art (Ages >4) – 1.5hrs
Senior Art
  • Construction Art (Ages >6) – 1.5hrs
  • Imagination Art (Ages >12) – 1.5hrs

(Age indicated is for reference only)

Art Syllabus
We aim to create CREATIVE students. Our art syllabus exposes students to mix medium such as clay, metal, paints, paper marche, sculpture, sketching, acrylic etc. Students are to work with different materials and to understand their properties. Students will also be introduce to different artist and their styles of work. With such knowledge, they will be able to build a complete portfolio for direct school admission to secondary schools.
Teens & Adults Art
Sketching, oil painting, Acrylic painting and Chinese painting