About Us


To bring arts into lives.


To develop passion for music, art and dance through creative and fun environment, well define program and loving teachers.

The appreciation of arts is important in building one’s character and enhances learning. In Fine Momentum we understand that each child is unique. Different form of arts appeal to different child. We had created an environment with all three ; Dance, Music and Art. With such exposure, they will be able to explore and develop what is within them. Arts appreciation starts young, our curriculum is built especially for young children and our teachers are trained to coach children of such young age.

Words from Principal:

Music, Dance and Visual Arts develops a child’s personality and allows them to express themselves. I hope that all parents out there could give their best support and allow children to experience all these 3 subjects. In Fine Momentum, we give our best and wishes that all children have a good start and will continue appreciating arts through their lives.

With Love,
Sarah Leong Li Ching

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